Bills’ Nyheim Hines finds way to go from hating to loving Josh Allen

Essentially, in Nyheim Hines’ own words, he hated Josh Allen last week.

Now it’s the opposite.

The Bills (6-1) made a trade with the Indianapolis Colts for Hines at the 2022 NFL trade deadline.

While Hines used a love-hate comparison to describe how he feels joining the Bills and a huddle with Allen, the whole idea was all out of respect. Having played against Buffalo and Allen in the past, Hines knew how good the QB can be. That’s why he could “hate” him before.

Now that they’re teammates? All love.

“I can go from hating him to loving him because there’s been times where we were up a couple of times in the playoffs and he makes a play and you’re like ‘God I hate that guy but he’s so good.’ Now I can say ‘God, I love that guy and he’s so good,'” Hines said at his introductory press conference. “I’m thankful for every opportunity, but I’m super excited when the team that is trading for you is 6-1, have a great quarterback, and a high-powered offense.”

“It’s like, how could you lose?” Hines added.

Considering their experiences on opposing sidelines, Allen’s naturally well aware of what Hines can bring to the Bills. But there’s seeing him in a game, and then there’s seeing him up close and personal during practice.

After Hines’ first time working on Wednesday, Allen was left impressed. He even was watching Hines with receiver Stefon Diggs and was taken back.

“One play, me and Stef looked at each other and I was like, ‘holy crap this guy’s fast,'” Allen said.

For more from Allen on the addition of Hines, check out the attached video below:


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Story originally appeared on Bills Wire