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Following the Bills playoff victory over the Ravens, during which Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson suffered a concussion, Bills fans have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of Jackson's favorite charities. Mike Florio and Peter King discuss this amazing act of kindness that has become a tradition for one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL.

Video Transcript


MIKE FLORIO: PFT on Yahoo Sports. Peter King, Mike Florio, top stories in the National Football League. And this one isn't a football story, but it is. It is a tribute to an impressive fanbase in Buffalo that doesn't just show up and root like hell and jump through tables and spray ketchup and mustard all over the place, they went so inspired, we'll dig deep, and start donating money.

We saw it a few years ago when Andy Dalton, then with the Bengals, catapulted the Bills to the playoffs by beating the Ravens with a fourth down touchdown pass in week 17. We saw it during the regular season when Josh Allen's grandmother, Patricia, died. The Bills Mafia stepped up and contributed hundreds of thousands to a local children's hospital.

And now as an appreciation for Lamar Jackson, who suffered a concussion on Saturday night, Peter, the Bills Mafia activating, donating over $360,000 to a charity he supports that helps feed children who are less advantaged and, you know, with the pandemic, it makes it even harder. And all that money flows into that charity thanks to the Bills Mafia.

It is amazing what they've accomplished. It's amazing what they do. And I have a feeling this is something that's going to continue on a regular basis out of that fanbase.

PETER KING: Mike, there's a difference between, you know, the fans in Western New York and the fans everywhere else. Everybody has some crazy fans who, you know, are very loyal to the team. They have them in Green Bay, in Seattle, in Denver. And, I mean, they have them all over the NFL.

But the difference between every other fanbase and the Bills fanbase, and I don't want to be too dramatic here, is that the Bills fanbase has a bunch of humanitarians and a bunch of people who are not just charitable, but they believe in trying to gouge Lamar Jackson's eyes out for four quarters in 60 minutes and yell so loud with 6,700 people that they actually sound like 67,000 and all of that.

But when it's over, if Lamar Jackson is wounded in any way, every person who loves the Bills is going to turn that love to the vanquished Lamar Jackson and to other people in the past who they have competed against. And in my opinion, it just-- it's just lovely. You know, that's not a football term. But that's exactly what this is. And kudos to Bills Mafia and to people who love the Buffalo Bills for really showing that being good human beings is not-- should not be a lost art in our society.

MIKE FLORIO: And we talk about football being a copycat sport. Wouldn't it be great if other fanbases inspired by what the Bills Mafia do decide to start doing the same thing and these charities supported by players end up getting incredible support? The Lamar Jackson charity is, if you're interested in making a donation of your own.

What they do is provide food on the weekends for elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry. They got $360,000 just over the past few days thanks to Bills fans. Peter, it really is impressive and it's amazing. And every time they do it, it gets more impressive. And I really do hope it spreads.

PETER KING: Absolutely, Mike. Please do it, donate to Lamar Jackson's campaign.

MIKE FLORIO: All right, that's it for this edition of PFT on Yahoo Sports. We'll see you next time.