Bills’ Joe Brady takes blame for end zone incompletion in OT vs. Eagles

The Buffalo Bills (6-6) had a chance on Sunday to get to 7-5 by beating one of the best teams in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, in Week 12.

The Bills had a chance to beat the Eagles in overtime after wide receiver Gabe Davis came wide open on a go route, but he was not on the same page with star quarterback Josh Allen on the crucial third down play.

Newly-appointed offensive coordinator Joe Brady, who took over for the recently fired Ken Dorsey, blamed himself for Allen and Davis not being on the same wavelength on the play. On the play, star wide receiver Stefon Diggs ran a route towards the sideline and it looks like the combination of routes confused the Eagles defensive backs long enough for Davis to get wide-open on his route.

After the incompletion resulted in fourth down, Bills’ kicker Tyler bass made a 40-yard field-goal before Philadelphia scored its game-winning touchdown on a Jalen Hurts quarterback run a little over three minutes later. Here’s some of what Brady had to say about the play and why he takes the blame for it resulting in an incompletion:

“At the end of the day, if there was a miscommunication, then that should fall on me as offensive coordinator.”

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire