Bills had 'extra fire' to beat Steelers after seeing JuJu Smith-Schuster dance on their logo

The Buffalo Bills decisively beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, and they owe at least a small part of that win to Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Before the game, Smith-Schuster recorded a video of himself dancing on Buffalo’s midfield logo and uploaded it to his TikTok.

Bills players saw Smith-Schuster dancing on their logo, and they saw the video, and it ticked them off. They used it to get even more hyped to beat the Steelers.

“I ain’t going to lie. Seeing them dancing on our logo pregame and seeing all that, that turns you up a little bit,” defensive back Jordan Poyer told New York Upstate after the game. “It kind of gives you a little second itch to come out and play with some extra fire.”

They definitely had some extra fire. Quarterback Josh Allen even mentioned Smith-Schuster’s logo dance in his pregame tunnel speech.

By the end of the Bills’ 26-15 win, they were the ones doing the dancing.

JuJu has done this before

This isn’t the first time Smith-Schuster has danced on a team’s midfield logo. He did it in Week 9 when the Steelers played the Dallas Cowboys.

He wanted to take it further that time and recreate Terrell Owens’ famous (or infamous, depending on where you’re from) celebration on the Cowboys’ midfield logo back in 2000. He tried to do it after scoring a touchdown, but was stopped by Cowboys players and his teammates.

“That first celebration, I was going to do the T.O star celebration,” Smith-Schcuster told reporters after the game. “[Cowboys DE Randy Gregory] basically knocked the ball out of my hand, probably would have tackled me. James Conner came over and pulled me over and was like, ‘It’s a close game.’ You just never know what can happen, and I didn’t want to start anything. But if it was a far, far blowout game, I would definitely love to do that one day.”

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