Bills fan shot and killed after Bills-Dolphins game

A Bills fan was shot and killed after an altercation following Sunday's Bills-Dolphins game.

According to the Associated Press, Bills fan Dylan Brody Isaacs was with friends when some sort of dispute broke out with a man in a car. The man shot Isaacs, who died at the scene. He was 30 years old.

Police say they have found the Honda Accord that was involved in the incident and questioned a suspect, but no arrests have been made.

Isaacs grew up on a First Nations reserve in Canada and his family created a GoFundMe seeking $50,000 for the costs of his mother traveling to Florida to retrieve Isaacs' body, bring him home and have a funeral. The GoFundMe quickly spread among Bills fans and has now raised nearly $100,000.

"On behalf of Dylan’s family, we would like a moment to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to those who have donated, shared and sent prayers to us during this challenging and painful time," the family wrote on GoFundMe. "To the Bills Mafia, the Buffalo Bills as well as the Miami Dolphins and fans and to everyone across Turtle Island, thank you for coming together and showing up with so much love and support for us and our community. It has been truly inspiring to see the things we can do as human beings with empathy and compassion for one another. All of the prayers, love and generosity has been incredibly helpful to Dylan's mother and their entire family, as well as the Haudenosaunee community of Six Nations."

Violence at NFL games is a real problem, and this is not the first death of a fan during the 2023 season. Two men were recently charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct in connection with an incident at a Dolphins-Patriots game that left a fan dead. The overwhelming majority of fans attend games to have a good time cheering for their team, but the ugly actions of a few can have deadly consequences.