Bills DE Jerry Hughes confronts official in tunnel, says he called him a bitch

Jerry Hughes was heated after Sunday’s heartbreaking loss to the Miami Dolphins.

After the game, the Buffalo Bills defensive end was caught on camera yelling at an official in the tunnel, accusing him of calling him a bitch.

Tense moment in tunnel

“You called me a bitch,” Hughes yelled in the official’s direction. “I’ll catch you. Trust me. I’ll catch you, guaranteed.”

Jerry Hughes confronted an official in the tunnel after Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. (Getty)
Jerry Hughes confronted an official in the tunnel after Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. (Getty)

When pulled away from the situation toward the locker room, Hughes continued to talk. While some of the audio is inaudible, two things he said were clear.

“I’ll knock his ass out,” Hughes said. … “He called me a bitch.”

Hughes plays coy in the locker room

When asked about the confrontation after some time to cool down, Hughes, who apparently hadn’t seen the video, acted like it didn’t happen.

“What anger? Who was angry?” Hughes asked. “I was angry? I lost the game so I’m supposed to be angry. We just played our butts off for four quarters and we came six inches short of winning the football game.”

When asked specifically about what sparked the confrontation, Hughes challenged Spectrum News Buffalo reporter Jon Scott, who tweeted the incident, to show him the video.

“I did what?” Hughes asked. “What did I say? If I did go up to the official, what did I say? I’d love to see the video. I would love to see the video.”

NFL to investigate

ESPN reports that the NFL plans to investigate the video.

It’s not clear who Hughes specifically was yelling at. Roy Ellison was the umpire for referee Shawn Hochuli’s crew.

The NFL suspended Ellison in 2013 for one game without pay for making “a profane and derogatory statement” to Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams.

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