Bills’ Dawson Knox creates ‘Milano’d’ terminology

What a catch by… Matt Milano?

The Bills linebacker recorded what might go down as the interception of the year in the NFL against the Raiders. During the Bills’ 38-10 win, Milano leapt over the top of Raiders running back Josh Jacobs and stole the ball for a pick.

It reminded Bills tight end Dawson Knox of Randy Moss… but can a defender “Moss” somebody?

For those unaware, the saying is a nod to NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss who was known for making dramatic catches in his career. But Knox decided you can’t used that term for a defensive player.

So he came up with a new one instead.

“He got Moss’d… but Milano’d,” Knox said.

It was undoubtedly a heck of play. It came after Bills linebacker Terrel Bernard recorded the first interception of his career in the contest, too.

Feeling good himself after the win and his pick, Bernard said it’s an open competition between the two now to see who can record more interceptions.

“I hope so, I hope so. We’ll see,” Bernard said post game.

“(Milano’s interception) was probably the best play I’ve seen on a football field,” Bernard added. “Just him going over the top and being aggressive, going to get the ball… it was crazy.”

The Bills will certainly take more… “Milano’d” type plays out of their defense this season… regardless of who it comes from.

For the full impact of what being Milano’d is, Knox’s explanation can be found in the WKBW-TV clip below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire