The billionaire CEO of LVMH sold his private jet to stop people from tracking it on Twitter. Take a look inside the Bombardier 7500, which costs around $73 million.

Bernard Arnault; Bombardier Global 7500.
Bernard Arnault; Bombardier Global 7500.David M. Benett/Getty Images; Bombardier
  • LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault sold the company's jet after Twitter accounts began tracking the plane.

  • After selling the Bombardier 7500, Arnault said he now rents planes whenever he flies privately.

  • Renting a jet isn't cheap: It costs around $11,000 to charter the jet for an hour.

Bernard Arnault is the billionaire CEO of LVMH, one of the biggest luxury goods conglomerates in the world. He sold LVMH's private jet after thousands of people starting tracking the plane on Twitter.

LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault on board his private jet between Beijing and Shanghai. in Shanghai, China on October 11, 2004.
LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault on board his private jet between Beijing and Shanghai. in Shanghai, China on October 11, 2004.Marc DEVILLE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

In an October interview with Radio Classique, Arnault — who is worth almost $150 billion — said LVMH had sold its private jet. According to a translation of the interview by Bloomberg, Arnault said he now rents planes whenever he flies private.

Twitter accounts that track flight data of celebrities inlcuding Elon Musk and Taylor Swift have amassed a considerable following online. Among the most popular accounts that tracked Arnault's flight data were @i_fly_Bernard and @laviondebernard. The accounts sprang up in the last six months and have a combined following of almost 100,000 users.

The French tycoon frequently used the company's now-sold Bombardier Global 7500, per the Washington Post. According to a 2019 report by Forbes, Arnault traveled in the private jet at least once a month.

Take a look inside the Canada-made jet, which is the largest business jet currently on the market. Note that these are photos of the Bombardier Global 7500, but not LVMH's plane specifically.

The Global 7500 is one of Bombardier's flagship aircrafts. Arnault wasn't the only one who was fond of the jet — several other wealthy individuals, including Kylie Jenner and Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, have also owned the plane.

Bombardier Global 7500.
Bombardier Global 7500.Bombardier

The model was first introduced in December 2018. Only 100 units of the Global 7500 have been constructed as of March, according to a company press release.

The plane offers the longest range among all business jets and can fly nonstop for 7,700 nautical miles, per the company's website. It's a large aircraft, especially when it comes to private jets, measuring 110.88 feet in length and 26.9 feet in height. It has a wing span of 104 feet, per private jet website Paramount Business Jet.

When bought new without customized interiors, the price of the jet starts from $73 million, Reuters reported, citing 2019 list prices. But renting the jet isn't cheap either.

The cabin of the Bombardier Global 7500.
The cabin of the Bombardier Global 7500.Bombardier

It costs around $10,650 to rent the Global 7500 for an hour, according to Paramount Business Jet.

According to aviation site Liberty Jet, the plane's operating costs come out to around $2 million dollars when flown for 200 hours, and $3.1 million when flown for 400 hours.

Fuel and engine overhaul make up the most expensive costs in operating the jet, per the aviation site.

Source: Reuters

The Global 7500 has four living spaces. The dining area of the cabin can be converted into a meeting space and the seats have concealable side tables.

Dining inside the Bombardier Global 7500.
Dining inside the Bombardier Global 7500.Bombardier

The cabin has reclining leather that are designed by Bombardier, per a company brochure on the plane.

The galley is fitted with dual convection and microwave ovens, coffee machines, and chilled storage compartments where meals and drinks can be prepared, per a virtual tour of the plane. The kitchen also has a sink and induction cooker.

There's also an entertainment suite on board — an area dedicated entirely to lounging.

Entertainment on board the Bombardier 7500.
Entertainment on board the Bombardier 7500.Bombardier

The entertainment suite, which is equipped with wifi, has a big television and a home theater system, per the brochure.

The master suite has a full-sized bed, television, leather seat, and retractable table, the virtual tour shows.

The VIP bedroom in the Bombardier 7500.
The VIP bedroom in the Bombardier 7500.Bombardier

There's also a cabin management system on board that adjusts settings like the lighting, per the brochure.


The master suite also has an en-suite bathroom fitted with a standing shower.

Bathroom inside the Bombardier 7500.
Bathroom inside the Bombardier 7500.Bombardier

The bathroom has a leather-seat toilet, vanity, and sink.

There's also a 195-cubic-foot baggage compartment behind the lavatory, per the virtual tour.

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