Bill Walton joins White Sox booth, provides best baseball commentary ever

Mark TownsendYahoo Sports Contributor

After causing a delay at Petco Park in San Diego last weekend, Bill Walton took his unique talents and perspective up the west coast to Anaheim on Friday night.

The baseball world was not ready for what followed.

This time, the basketball Hall of Famer was behind the microphone as a guest commentator for the 7-2 Chicago White Sox victory against the Los Angeles Angels.

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As always, it was the Bill Walton Show from start to finish.

Walton was filling in for usual color commentator Steve Stone. He was joined by White Sox play-by-play man Jason Benetti, who’s also his frequent partner on ESPN college basketball broadcasts.

Rest assured, there was no actual baseball analysis. There was just Bill Walton delivering one philosophical musing after another. And even after nine innings, it felt like we’d not yet scratched the outer surface of Walton’s mind.

There were no limits, and we mean that quite literally.

If you’re not a fan of Walton’s shtick, we’d suggest excusing yourself now.

If you dig it, stick around. Because there’s plenty more where that came from.

Right here, we’re going to highlight some of the gems Walton bestowed upon us while admittedly not having a single clue about what he was watching.


We’re not used to trash talk on MLB broadcasts. We could get used to it, though.

Line of the night, hands down.

Funny you mention that one, Bill. Earlier on Friday Yankees manager Aaron Boone admitted he’d be in favor of MLB adopting a mercy rule.

That’s just the first four innings. Then he got to witness a Mike Trout home run.

He might be on to something with this next one. Rather than call New York every time there’s a challenge, just have the broadcasters reenact the play.

The only thing missing at this point was Walton calling a grand slam. White Sox catcher James McCann took care of that. The slam was McCann’s second in three games, so it’s no wonder he became Walton’s new favorite player.

It was also a great way to cap a memorable broadcast.

Thanks to Walton, what would have been just another Friday night game in MLB was not only the talk of baseball, but the talk of all social media.

Nope. It’s still August. But Bill Walton season never truly ends.

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