Bill Walton forcefully opposes UCLA’s planned move to the Big Ten

If you have been paying attention to Bill Walton, you know that he never did like the UCLA move to the Big Ten. At the very least, Bill Walton has not said a single good thing about the move itself.

Walton has been asked to give his fuller views on the subject over the past four months. He was asked just after the June 30 bombshell story which rocked the Pac-12. His limited answer at the time was simply, “I love UCLA.”

Finally, on Tuesday, Walton broke his silence and opened up on why he hates this move. His letter appeared in John Canzano’s Substack.

One excerpt, in its unedited form as published by Canzano:

I went to UCLA — gladly, willingly, and proudly,

it was my dream,

that dream never included the Big 10,

I have spoken to no one, other than the highest-level directors of athletics at UCLA, who think that this proposed move to the Big 10 is a good idea,

every argument made by these senior AD’s and why they like it, is about money,


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire