Bill O'Brien: Patriots offense needs to be more consistent, finish drives

Through two games, the Patriots have scored just 37 points in two home losses to Philadelphia and Miami.

While New England is No. 22 in points, the club is No. 14 in yards. But four giveaways on 24 drives have derailed some of those scoring opportunities.

On Tuesday, head coach Bill O’Brien said the Patriots need to find more consistency in their execution.

"I think there’s been just inconsistency in all of our performances on gameday,” O’Brien said, via “I think there's been glimpses of what the offense can be and we have to be more consistent. There’s no excuse in the world that really matters to anybody out there. Nobody wants to win more than we do in this building. And I think it's just coming down to consistency, and like I said before, finishing drives.”

O’Brien specifically mentioned that there have been several times where the Patriots haven’t come away with points when deep inside opponent territory.

“We can’t do that anymore,” O’Brien said. “I think that's all of us together — I want to make that clear. I think the one thing that we don’t do here is point fingers. I look in the mirror first. And we’re really working hard to improve to put our guys — to coach it better, to put them in the right position. And then I know our guys are working hard to execute as good as they can.

“So, I don't know if you can point to one thing. It’s more about, we have to be consistent in what we’re doing. And the name of the game is points. And when you don't score more points than the other team, it's not good. So, we have to come away with points in those areas of the field.”

The Patriots play the Jets on Sunday and may have a tough time against another strong defense.