Bill Belichick found the amount of Patriots fans at FedEx Field ‘amazing’ and ‘overwhelming’

Peter Hailey

FEDEX FIELD -- NFL teams are supposed to play eight home games and eight road games each season. But on Sunday, the Patriots basically found themselves with a bonus home matchup thanks to a New England takeover at FedEx Field. 

When Tom Brady and Co. ran out of the tunnel for warmups, very loud cheers ensued. Whenever a Patriot found the end zone – which happened four times in their 33-7 victory – very loud cheers followed. 

And in the fourth quarter, once the outcome became clear, Redskins fans departed while visiting supporters stayed for a celebration. It's not the first time that's happened in Landover, and judging by the way the Burgundy and Gold are trending, it won't be the last. 

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Bill Belichick certainly noticed the friendly reception. It was impossible not to. 

"It was amazing," he said. "Surprising and overwhelming. It was great seeing that. We appreciate the support from all our traveling Patriot fans... It was great to see them. That's awesome."

Josh Gordon, meanwhile, apparently had to remind himself he wasn't in Foxboro. 

At this point, it's almost expected that the Redskins will face at least considerable noise for the opposition when they're lining up at FedEx Field. Blame whom you want – the players for not producing, the front office for not steering the organization in the right direction or the people who don't buy tickets – but stop being surprised by it. 

Maybe one day, if the franchise gets back on track, home-field advantage will return. Until then, expect more chants and high-fives from folks in the stands wearing jerseys and hats of the NFL's 31 other squads. 


Bill Belichick found the amount of Patriots fans at FedEx Field amazing and overwhelming originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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