Bill Belichick expects J.C. Jackson to be available after the Patriots' bye

Patriots coach Bill Belichick chose to bench cornerback J.C. Jackson for the start of last week's game, and to leave Jackson at home rather than bring him to Germany for Sunday's game against the Colts.

But Belichick indicated today that he still views Jackson as a member of the Patriots going forward.

Asked whether Jackson will be back after the Patriots' bye next week, Belichick indicated he would be.

"I expect he'll be available," Belichick said.

Of course, Jackson is available now, Belichick is just choosing not to play him. And Belichick hasn't explained why he's choosing not to play him. But after the Chargers signed Jackson away from the Patriots in free agency and quickly regretted it, the Patriots now appear less than thrilled with their decision to trade for Jackson to bring him back from the Chargers. Jackson has been one of the most disappointing players in the NFL the last couple of years, and his future remains unclear, even if Belichick isn't cutting him. At least not yet.