Biggest reason for the Steelers offensive improvement vs Titans?

On Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers had its best game of the season running the football. The combination of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren combined for 157 rushing yards and powered the Steelers past the Tennessee Titans.

But why the change? I suppose in the big picture it was a combination of things, starting with much-improved play by the offensive line. Head coach Mike Tomlin challenged his offensive line this week and they stepped up. This seems absurd that grown men have to be challenged by their coaches to do their job, but I digress.

We also saw some great running by Harris and Warren. Warren in particular was impressive. His acceleration and ability to make cuts without slowing down make him the more dangerous of the two backs.

Then there was that other thing. Tomlin moved offensive coordinator Matt Canada down to the sidelines and out of the security of the coaches box. Did this play a role in not only how Canada called the game but in how players responded?

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Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire