The biggest questions facing the Chicago Bulls post All-Star break

The NBA’s 2024 All-Star week has come and gone, with the league’s 2023-24 regular season now roughly two-thirds over. Before it, the 2024 trade deadline passed with the Bulls making a move at it for the third straight season. With word that internal growth, buyout guys and the draft will be the primary team building tools used by the front office.

What are the biggest questions facing the Chicago Bulls post All-Star break? There is no shortage of questions about the directions this team will take between now and the start of the next NBA season, but which are the most critical in need of a resolution before then?

With the storied ball club in danger of becoming a fixture on the dreaded treadmill of mediocrity, the moves the team takes carry added weight.

The hosts of the “Locked On Bulls” podcast Haize and Pat The Designer weighed in on all of this on a recent episode. Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire