The new Big Ten football scheduling format — what will it look like?

Trojans Wire frequently talks to college football analyst and commentator Mark Rogers on his YouTube show, The Voice of College Football. Mark is mapping out what the Big Ten football schedule will look like once USC and UCLA join the conference in 2024. What should we expect? What specific components will the scheduling format have, and what will be cast aside in the Big Ten’s transition from a 14-team conference to a 16-team conference?

Mark offers answers to these questions.

He says the Big Ten will use a 3-6-6 scheduling format, in which teams play three set opponents every year, with the other 12 being in every-other-year rotations of six teams. This guarantees Big Ten teams will play everyone else in the conference in two-year spans. Teams won’t go six or seven years between playing certain opponents, which has happened in the SEC and ACC.

Mark also predicts which teams will be USC’s fixed annual opponents under this plan. UCLA is obviously one, but which are the other two?

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire