How big will this scandal get?

Howie Lindsey, Publisher
Cardinal Sports

While the extent of the pay-for-play scandal at Louisville is known, what will happen in the REST of college basketball?



If the allegations are true and a Louisville recruit got $100,000 and an Arizona recruit got $150,000... how many players are in that category?

How many players got paid? How much did they get paid?

And how long has it been going on? I mean, should I be mad that people didn't chip in more on pizza in college or is this a more recent phenomenon brought on by the shoe company explosion and NBA early-entry?

How many guys got $10,000 or more? It doesn't go from $100,000 to 0, right? If this is widespread, then the payment system is probably a scale which would include dozens or recruits each year.

How many recruits per year? I would think it is strictly a market thing.

In some recruiting seasons, there are 50 guys who have a shot at the NBA at some point. In other recruiting seasons, that number is more like 20.

And who is doing the paying? Is it just Nike, Adidas and Under Armor ior is a combination of the shoe companies and all the hundreds of sports agents - and wannabe sports agents - out there?

And, while it was fairly common knowledge that guys were getting extra money, how did they keep these amounts quiet for this long?

How many more programs will be ensnared in this net? With EYBL and adidas already under the Federal Agents' microscope, the talent list includes 90 percent of the best players in the last several recruiting classes.

How big will this get?

We may just have to wait for the FBI to tell us.

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