Big meanie Nicki Minaj makes fun of Chris Bosh crying in new song

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One of the best things about this shortened NBA season is that, with all the legitimate on-court drama that surrounds 30 teams trying to get all of their players on the same page in a sprint to the postseason, there hasn't been a ton of time to dwell on the dumb stuff that has passed. Like, can you remember the last time you actually heard someone drop a reference to members of the Miami Heat reportedly crying in their locker room following a tough home loss to the Chicago Bulls last year? Me neither!

I haven't heard anyone railing against Chris Bosh for defending the shedding of tears as simply a sign of how badly a player wants to win and how much he hates losing (see: Bosh after the Heat dropped the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks). Not a peep from opposing teams snickering at Bosh and his teammates behind their backs, or analysts flat-out mocking them on national television by pretending to be similarly overcome with emotion. And that's great. It was a dumb thing to make fun of then, and it'd be an even dumber thing to make fun of now. I'm just really glad we put it all behind us.

What's that? Just as she was set to perform at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, Nicki Minaj dropped a new song with a line about Bosh and wetworks? Awww, raspberries.

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj took a shot at Chris Bosh in her latest song. Minaj's track "Roman Reloaded" featuring Lil' Wayne has a line that makes fun of Chris Bosh for infamously crying after the Heat lost in the NBA Finals to the Mavericks last year.

You can check out a full, no-DJ, NSFW-lyrics stream of the song at Stereogum, if you're so inclined. The line in question starts at the 1:15 mark of the track. While I'm no Rap Genius, it sounds like Minaj says, "I hear the slick s*** / B****, you wash / All you hoes cryin' / Christopher Bosh." Which just seems like a rude thing to say, if you ask me.

It's not a bad punchline in the context of "Roman Reloaded," ostensibly a response from Minaj to those detractors who have accused her of going pop and abandoning her Queens hip-hop roots. Reached for comment, those detractors replied, "I mean, have you heard 'Starships?'"

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It remains unclear whether making fun of someone crying will bolster Nicki's street cred, though; if everyone already thinks Bosh is soft (and judging by the interest this line has generated, that image still seems to be in the minds of the masses), then how much respect can you gain from picking on the nerdy kid? If Nicki really wanted to get hot in the streets, she'd drop Ivan Johnson's name in a verse. Then again, she's not stupid. Mentioning Ivan could be bad for your health.

We here at BDL eagerly await Bosh's reply record. It says in this press release I've been handed that he's got some really hot collaborators on it, including ... oh, man, Devendra Banhart and Fleet Foxes? You just don't learn, do you, Chris?

Hat-tips to I Am A GM and Larry Brown Sports.

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