Big Baby to TMZ: 'Obama, here we come'

No one's ever accused this incarnation of the Boston Celtics of being less than confident in its abilities, and for good reason. While they did spend about 3 1/2 months playing .500 ball to close the season, the C's were still the same squad that raced out to a 23-5 mark to begin the 2010 campaign, and they've hit their stride when it counts, vanquishing Dwyane Wade's(notes) Miami Heat, LeBron James'(notes) No. 1-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers and Dwight Howard's(notes) defending Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic on the bruising journey to their second NBA Finals in three years.

[Photos: See classic images of the Celtics-Lakers]

And now, with the money on the table, Boston's getting vocal. Monday, we talked about Paul Pierce(notes) sharing his upcoming travel plans with Los Angeles Lakers fans in the closing seconds of Sunday night's 103-94 win. But on Sunday morning, the all-seeing TMZ posted a clip of Boston reserve forward Glen Davis(notes) announcing some travel plans of his own during a Saturday shopping trip between Games 1 and 2.

Full video after the jump.

After Big Baby addresses the paparazzo's questions about Celtics coach Doc Rivers hiding $2,600 in the ceiling at the Staples Center, a woman approaches him and spurs him to tell the camera that, when Boston defeats the Lakers to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy, he'll be going to the White House to meet the president. A broad smile on his face, Davis points his finger toward the camera and says, "Obama, here we come."

And then things get hilarious, because Diddy appears.

The noted alternate-jersey designer, renowned Broadway actor and famed vodka purveyor seems to materialize out of nowhere, bursting in front of Davis like he was a Bad Boy artist in the early '90s so he could provide some detailed analysis.

"Hey yo, even though I'm a Lakers fan," says the rapper producer rapper-cliche-progenitor, "this boy's going to have a great game tomorrow, because he bought Sean John." Baby jovially lifts his bag o' swag as Diddy exits the frame, then reaffirms that "we're going to the White House" before leaving the store.

And wouldn't you know it? Sean Combs was right. Despite struggling to finish against the Lakers' shot-blocking frontcourt (four of his 13 field-goal attempts were sent back), Davis scored eight points and grabbed seven rebounds (including five on the offensive glass) in just over 18 minutes of run to help give the Celtics a boost amid heavy front-line foul trouble.

We now have indisputable proof that Sean John leads to on-court victories. After Game 2, Brian Scalabrine(notes) was dejected, realizing he'd been stockpiling Cross Colours gear all these years for nothing.

Hat-tip to Green Street.

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