Bieniemy: Commanders offense learning to finish

New assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was pleased with the effort from his offensive unit Monday night.

Though the Ravens were repeatedly sending six or seven rushers on that final Washington scoring drive, quarterback Jake Fromm was moving the offense down the field, providing Joey Slye the opportunity to kick the game-winning field goal.

“I thought our guys did a heck of a job just finishing the game, and the thing that I loved, that stood out, our guys are learning to strain to finish,” Bieniemy said. “That was impressive. Now it is on to the next one.”

Is the offense progressing as Bieniemy wants it to thus far in his first preseason in Washington?

“I think we are taking the necessary steps, but we still have a long way to go. There’s a lot of things that we can clean up and continue coaching through.”

For a second time, Bieniemy stated how the offensive unit was learning to fight to win, to go the extra mile. What does Bieniemy intend to communicate? Doesn’t he think the offensive players were learning to fight under Ron Rivera?

“Our guys are finding creative ways to drag themselves across the finish line. When you have the resilience, it’s something you can build upon. I’m starting to see the second effort.”

Was Bieniemy implying the offensive players were not giving a second effort previously?

“On top of that, I’m seeing guys play faster. So, all those things are just coming to light. We have to continue to clean up the little stuff. That is going to help us become the better team.”

Bieniemy likes where his quarterback is in the process.

“I have thought Sam’s progression is right where you want it to be. I think he has just stayed the course. He’s learned a lot just being out there each and every day.”

Bieniemy also pointed to backup quarterback veteran Jacoby Brissett, and how he has modeled some things well on the field for Howell. In the room, Brissett is what Bieniemy referred to as “an outspoken individual in that room who has helped Sam tremendously.”

The former Chiefs OC said he loves that Howell autocorrects, takes his job responsibly, takes work home, “and loves to walk through all the little detailed nuances of the game.”

Bieniemy has praised Howell’s performances this preseason.

“I think he is right where he needs to be. He’s done a heck of a job in the practices (against the Ravens), and he did a heck of a job in the game (Monday).

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire