COVID-19 and food security: Yahoo News hosts virtual town hall with Joe Biden and chef José Andrés

Yahoo News

Former Vice President Joe Biden and chef José Andrés joined Yahoo News Tuesday night for a virtual town hall to discuss the coronavirus crisis, the future of the restaurant industry and the issue of food security amid the pandemic. Among the highlights:

* Biden said “We don’t have a food shortage problem, we have a leadership problem,” and criticized President Trump for his plans to cut food stamps.

* The presumptive Democratic nominee also criticized Trump for refusing to wear a mask, stating that he can’t walk outside without one, and for taking the drug hydroxychloroquine, exclaiming about the president, “What in God's name is he doing?”

* Biden also said that increased meat prices were justified to ensure the safety of workers, saying “No worker’s life is worth me getting a cheaper hamburger.” Andrés concurred and urged Americans to read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” the classic novel that led to reforms in the early 20th-century meatpacking industry

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