Biden gun grab hit for ‘absurd fines,' 'government overreach,' and punishing vets

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Biden gun grab hit for ‘absurd fines,' 'government overreach,' and punishing vets

The Biden administration’s first major gun control effort is under fire for punishing veterans, imposing high fines unaffordable to underprivileged people, and “government overreach.”

With a September deadline looming, several veterans and GOP leaders called on gun advocates on Tuesday to urge the administration to drop its plan aimed at AR-15-style “pistols” fitted with braces that make the firearms easier to shoot, especially for the disabled.

“The Biden administration's ATF is attacking our Second Amendment and attacking our veterans,” said North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson of the gun law change pushed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Hudson has put disabled veterans at the front of his campaign to kill the ATF effort and featured several at a press conference on Tuesday.

One, Army veteran Rick Cicero, injured in 2010 by an IED in Afghanistan, said the brace helps him steady the gun. He has since started teaching disabled veterans how to use it.

“That brace is the foundation of everything I do because I can take someone who has limited strength in their hands or is missing digits and give them confidence and the skills and capability to grasp a firearm again and get them back to the things that were such a part of their life,” he said.

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The ATF, in its second try to regulate highly popular AR-style pistols, claims that the adjustable brace effectively turns the gun into a short-barrel rifle, and those are subject to a $200 tax and a long background investigation of several months. If the effort is approved, it could lead to millions of legal gun owners facing fines and jail if they don’t pay the tax and register the weapons.

Rep. Mike Bost, appearing with Hudson, the veterans, and House GOP No. 2 Rep. Steve Scalise, hit those anti-gun moves.

“The ATF proposal could hurt thousands of law-abiding, gun-owning veterans simply because they use a stabilizing brace,” said Bost. “Disabled veterans have given their country enough. The last thing they should be subject to is absurd fines and government overreach."

Hudson used the event, shown on Facebook, to urge the public to file a complaint against the move on the ATF site. The deadline is Sept. 8.

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