Beyoncé Sent Lady Gaga A Comfy Gift To Help Soothe Her Chronic Pain


Beyoncéis a thoughtful friend.

The pop star recently sentLady Gagaa perfectly sweet gift to help comfort the singer while she deals with chronic pain.

On Tuesday, Gagaposted a photoof the plush present to Instagram:

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga)on Sep 26, 2017 at 9:00am PDT

“Not having a good pain day,” Gaga wrote. “Thank you honey B for sending me this comfy sweatshirt. Keeps me warm outside in a hammock so I can be w the trees, and the sky, and the sun and take deep breaths. Feel so lucky to have so much love.”

A few hours later the 31-year-old musicianposted another photoof yetanother giftfrom the “Lemonade” artist.

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga)on Sep 26, 2017 at 12:11pm PDT

This time, Gaga emphasized Beyoncé’s impact on her.

“If I hadn’t seen your videos on TV at grandmas house after I got dropped from def jam records, I would have given up. You inspire us all. The dream you embody kept me going.”

Gagarecently revealedthat she lives withfibromyalgia, which causes widespread pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties. The condition has caused the “Bad Romance” singer toseek hospitalizationfor “severe pain” andcancel concerts.

Here’s hoping she feels stronger soon!

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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