Beyoncé drops a sparkling visual teaser for "I'm That Girl"

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The ever-elusive Beyoncé never lets us know her next move, from the album rollout to visual treatments to her performances. Now, she’s keeping us on our toes with a teaser for “I’M THAT GIRL,” the opening track of her disco-infused dance album, Renaissance. With a quiet release, Bey shows off some stunning visuals from a glistening night club, fit with a horse at the bar (literally).

With no music videos shared at the time of the record release (contrary to the rollout of Lemonade), it’s been up in the air on if Beyoncé plans on giving Renaissance the same visual album treatment. However, Queen B’s always got tricks up those her extra long gloves, and from the looks of it we may be in for a full-length treat, unless she truly just plans on sharing the other half of the music video.

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Beyoncé - I’M THAT GIRL (Official Teaser)

What is shared in the teaser is Beyoncé looking right in her element, fitted with a glossy chrome bodysuit, a holstered microphone, and a sky high beehive (she is Queen B, after all). A Everything Everywhere All At Once-esqe mirage of different looks quickly pass us by, possibly teasing the other music videos to come?