Bevo was not having any part of a mascot meeting with Uga before the Sugar Bowl

Bevo wants no bulldog in his midst. (Getty)
Bevo wants no bulldog in his midst. (Getty)

The pre-Sugar Bowl photo opportunity between Bevo the Texas mascot and Uga the Georgia mascot did not go as planned.

The longhorn and bulldog were preparing to meet each other before the football teams of Texas and Georgia played Tuesday night and the longhorn was having absolutely none of it.

Bevo was mad! Here it is from another angle.

Bevo mad! (Via ESPN)
Bevo mad! (Via ESPN)

Uga has some speed when he needs to use it. He does not have to use it that often.

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The idea of a steer and a bulldog meeting seemed cute, but as you can see, it didn’t exactly work out well in practice. Thankfully no one was hurt — or appeared to be hurt — in the tussle, and Bevo appeared to still be unhappy after the encounter was over.

Does Bevo’s angriness mean Texas is going to win? Or does Georgia have the edge because Texas is too hyped up? We can’t wait to draw conclusions from this. They were so friendly on Monday!

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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