Betty White’s Possessions Selling for Way Over Estimated Price

If you hurry, you can bid on something at the auction–but it'll cost you.

Almost a year after Betty White passed away, property from her home was listed for sale via Julien's Auctions. Surprisingly (or not), people have paid way over the estimated price to own an item of authentic memorabilia.

The auction is called “Property From The Life and Career of Betty White,” it began on Sept. 23 and will end on Sept. 25.

According to the official event page, the auction includes "over 1,500 lots featuring the Hollywood icon’s awards, scripts, wardrobe and memorabilia from her iconic television shows and films, as well as furnishings, artwork, fine jewelry, household and personal items from her beloved homes in Brentwood and Carmel, California."

<p>Robin L Marshall/Getty Images</p>

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

A few interesting items listed include the front door of her Brentwood home, which was estimated to be worth $2,000-3,000 but sold for $10,000, a nun doll, estimated at $200-400 but sold for $1,024, and White's theater and performance scrapbook, which was estimated at $300-500 but sold for $1,600.

Almost every single item sold went a little or a lot over the estimated price.

A few pieces sold for exorbitant amounts, including White's bird and butterfly needlepoint. The work was estimated at $4,000-6,000, but in the end, it sold for a total of $22,400.

There were also various pieces of wedding jewelry, which the auction house had to have expected would draw a lot of attention, despite a low estimated value.

<p>Robin L Marshall/Getty Images</p>

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Her 1963 wedding band, which she wore throughout her marriage to Allen Ludden, was estimated at $800-1,200, but the final price tag was $25,600. Ludden's wedding band was also sold in the auction, along with two wedding bracelets worn by White.

Of course, items related to The Golden Girls went for a lot, like an original director's chair, estimated at $1,000-2,000 but sold for $76,800.

As of writing, there are still quite a few items left to be auctioned off today. A few include a letter to White from James Stewart, a tracksuit she wore in Hot In Cleveland, and her signed Screen Actors Guild cards, among others.

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