Betting: Why Week 18 in the NFL was great

Minty Bets explores what makes Week 18 in the NFL such an exciting one. She also gives advice on how to take advantage of it when it rolls around next season!

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to The Mint, a sports betting show where we're not trying to make you money. We're just trying to make sure you don't lose it all. I'm Minty Bets and today we need to talk about week 18. We're really lucky to have received an extra week of football, and we learned a couple of things this past Sunday.

- And Lisa what have you learned?

MINTY BETS: The Colts couldn't show up when it mattered most and lost to the worst team in the league.

- Is that bad?

MINTY BETS: Big Ben is back in the playoffs again, somehow. The Lions who came into week 18 with the worst record, beat the Packers who came into week 18 with the best record.

- Does that make any sense? That doesn't make any sense.

MINTY BETS: And Daniel Carlson is clearly the MVP of the Las Vegas Raiders.

- Wow, that guy is good.

MINTY BETS: The last week of the regular season is the most difficult week to bet on because a lot of the good teams don't show up. I say it every year and I'll say it again, this is the best week to bet on all the underdogs.

- I think I can.

MINTY BETS: Out of 16 games played, 10 underdogs covered and 7 won outright. Unfortunately, you have to wait a full year until you can take advantage of this advice again.

- I cannot wait any longer.

MINTY BETS: Now, we're entering playoff mode where things get trickier, lines get tighter, and matchups are more competitive. Who are we kidding?

Tom Brady is going to take the Bucs to the Super Bowl again. So now all you have to do is figure out who's going to represent the AFC.

- I'm going to Disney World.

MINTY BETS: That guy is not going to give anyone else a chance until he retires, which is at age 65, like everyone else. I'm Minty Bets and this has been The Mint.