Betting: Should you wager on Eagles to win NFC?

Minty Bets, Pamela Maldonado, and Mark Drumheller give their best NFL playoff futures bets.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: I'm Minty Bets here with Pam Maldonado and Mark Drumheller. And as we enter the super wildcard weekend, we've got some playoff futures bets for you guys. So let's kick things off to Pam first and see where she's finding value postseason.

PAM MALDONADO: Because the futures are so late into the season right now-- we're already in the postseason-- I really want to look for plus money odds. So I'm doing something a bit unconventional, the Super Bowl exact matchup between the Bengals and the 49ers at 12 to 1 odds.

Over the last 11 games, Joe Burrow leads the league with 26 passing touchdowns, is second in passing completion percentage, is second in passing yards. Joe Burrow-- I want to say it that the Bengals offense may be low key better this year than last year when they made the Super Bowl.

Burrow has had a quicker release. He's been better at either throwing the ball away or checking it down, and it shows in his sack rate. Joe Cool has been sacked only nine times in his last six games, compared to 21 sacks in his first six. Now if Cincinnati does end up facing the Chiefs, which is what I am predicting, Joe Burrow's 3 and 0 against Kansas City.

Now for the 49ers, I believe this is the most complete team in the NFL right now. You've got a stellar passing game with Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, a solid run game with both Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey, and this offense is averaging 30-plus points per game. This is a very tough offense to face, paired with the number one defense in the league, limiting opponents to 1.4 points per drive. That is the best.

I really don't see-- what can this team not do is the real question. I love this team. I believe they have it all, with one hell of a coach in Kyle Shanahan, who has been in this spot before. So unconventional, give me exact Super Bowl matchup between the Bengals and the 49ers.

MINTY BETS: That would definitely be a fan favorite Super Bowl and one that I would personally want to see. So, Mark, where are you looking at in the playoffs?

MARK DRUMHELLER: I'm going to bet the Eagles here to win the NFC at plus-160 in what I think is a two-team race with San Francisco. Last year, we saw two four seeds advance to the Super Bowl, but I'm still a pretty big believer in the value of the bye and homefield advantage, especially for this Eagles team, who needed to get healthy with Jalen Hurts.

When Hurts was on the field the first 15 weeks, the offense was second in the NFL in EPA per play. And they finished the year number one in explosive pass plays. That's an area where the 49ers defense really struggles. I just think there's better value here with the Eagles at plus-160, who are only one win away from hosting the NFC Championship.

Keep in mind, the 49ers have won 10 straight, but it's going to require 13 straight to make it out of the NFC, with that 13th game likely being on the road in Philadelphia with a rookie quarterback. I just think Philadelphia has the much easier path here. Give me the Eagles at plus-160.

MINTY BETS: I can't argue with that, but I'm going to kind of piggyback off of Pam's pick here. I have the Bengals to win the AFC at plus-350. Now I do have a future ticket on the Bills to win this conference preseason, and this is a little bit of a hedge, but it's also a lot of confidence in Joey B and this team that really wasn't that badly affected by the Super Bowl hangover.

This Bengals offense ranks top eight in yards per game, and they're sixth in points per game as well. Joey B is smooth, and I am still talking about football, guys. He's right behind Patrick Mahomes in passing yards per game and touchdowns thrown. He also has the second-highest completion rate in the league. So give me the Bengals to win the AFC.

To recap our picks, Pam has a Super Bowl exact matchup between the Bengals and 49ers, Mark has the Eagles to win the NFC, and I'm on the Bengals to win the AFC. Bet $10 and win $100 when you wager on any event. Sign up at New customers only. Must be 21 or older.