Betting: Is There Value in Cowboys Playoff Futures?

Minty Bets and Frank Schwab discuss the top futures bets for the AFC & NFC playoff picture.

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MINTY BETS: It's a "Wild Card Weekend." I'm Minty Bets, joined by Yahoo Sportsbook columnist Frank Schwab to give us his top futures bet for best value on the board for the AFC and the NFC. Frank, let's start with the AFC first.

I personally have most of my money tied in the AFC. Who are you looking at in this conference?

FRANK SCHWAB: You know, it's weird because I think a lot of people would pick the Bengals here, but I look at the Bengals path. They had the face of Ravens team that they've struggled with offensively, then play at the Bills, then maybe play at the Chiefs. That's really tough.

So I went further down the board, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are kind of screaming value to me. They're 25 to 1 to win the AFC. Look. They played very well down the stretch.

They won six of their last seven games. Lost one to the Lions. No shame in that this. Team has really gotten better since early in the season.

They get a Chargers team in the wild card round that comes in a little bit injured because they somehow played their guys in week 18, I think they can beat the Chargers and then get on a little bit of a roll. It's going to be very tough to beat the Chiefs. I get that.

It could be very tough to beat the Bills or Bengals, whoever they face. But Trevor Lawrence, very good young quarterback, has some 2021 Bengals vibes to this. They were the [? fourth ?] seed last year to make the Super Bowl.

25 to 1? I'll go with the Jacksonville Jaguars there.

MINTY BETS: Now moving on to the NFC, who do you see value in?

FRANK SCHWAB: I could give you one of the chalky teams-- the Eagles, the 49ers, something like that. I'm going to give you a team that won six of its last seven games before the regular season finale, played as well as anybody for stretches this season. Gets a losing team in the first round as there a wild card matchup. I'm talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

Everybody overreacts to the Cowboys. Yeah, they look terrible week 18. But what did they really have to play for against the Commanders? They knew the Eagles weren't going to lose to the Giants.

So kind of a meaningless game for the Cowboys, [? sleepwalk ?] through it, and I think that could wake the Cowboys up. I think they'd beat the Buccaneers, who are not very good in the wildcard round, and then can get on a roll.

This is a team to play very well most of the season. Really explosive offense. The defense, if they get the league, can really get on you at that pass rush.

And unlike the other teams, they're 14 to 1 to win a Super Bowl right now. The other teams are in that 5-to-1, 6-to-1 range. I'm going to go a little bit deeper than that.

I think the Cowboys could really get out of roll once they beat the Buccaneers, which they will because Tom Brady and that team, not very good. And you're getting value because everybody's piling dirt on the Dallas Cowboys, forgetting this was a really good team during the regular season.

MINTY BETS: To recap Frank's picks, he's got the Jaguars to win the AFC at 25 to 1, and for the NFC, the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl at 14 to 1. Bet $10 and win $100 when you wager on any event. Sign up at New customers only. Must be 21 or older.

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