Betting: Top Props for Cardinals-Rams Wild Card Game

The Prop Queen, Ariel Epstein, gives her best plays for the matchup between the Cardinals and Rams in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs.

Video Transcript


ARIEL EPSTEIN: Happy Football Monday. I'm the Prop Queen, Ariel Epstein. It is the final day of Wild Card Weekend. And for the first time ever, we have a Monday Night Football game. [INAUDIBLE] zone, prop, [? done, ?] props!

And the first prop. It's the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray. I'm taking his over 33.5 pass attempts. Murray has gone over this number in five straight games. Quarterbacks against the Rams this year are averaging just under 37 pass attempts per game. And Murray's done over the number in one of the two games against the Rams. It was pretty close, actually. He had 49 and 32 pass attempts in both games against Los Angeles this year. Give me that over 33.5 pass attempts on Murray. Especially if the Cardinals could find themselves down in a hole, especially if their running back, James Conner, is a little bit banged up, you could see Murray passing the ball more tonight.

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For my second prop, I'm betting the over 20.5 yards on the longest reception by Cardinals wide receiver AJ Green. I was going back and forth between green and Christian Kirk. However, the numbers are pointing more in the direction of Green. There's been three road games where Green's played without DeAndre Hopkins. And in those games, he's gone over the number in all three of them. In fact, there's been six games this year that Green's played without Hopkins and he's been healthy, and four out of the six, he's gone over. I'm taking the over 20.5 yards on the longest reception by AJ Green.

From my third prop, I'm taking a kicker prop. It's the over 1.5 field goals on the Arizona Cardinals kicker Matt Prater. The Rams have allowed three field goals in the last three games. Prater has also gone over this number in five of his last six with multiple field goals. And Prater has had multiple field goals in five of seven road games. Take that over 1.5 field goals. Field goals-- I keep saying field goals. Whatever. Just take the over on Matt Prater.

For my last prop-- and yes, it's another Cardinals prop-- I just realized while recording this that I picked all Cardinals props, and it was completely unintentional. I'm taking the over 6.5 tackles on the Arizona Cardinals safety Jalen Thompson. He actually does lead the team with 121 total tackles. The safety position has been the position to tackle the Rams the most throughout all their games this season. And looking at it-- 13 of 17 games where a safety had seven or more tackles. Thompson had nine and 10 total tackles against the Rams earlier this season, and he's averaging just over seven total tackles in his career against Los Angeles. I'm betting the over 6.5 total tackles on Thompson.

Here's your Prop Queen Recap. I'm betting the over, Kyler Murray, 33.5 pass attempts, over 20.5 yards on the longest reception by AJ Green, over 1.5 field goals by Matt Prater, and over 6.5 total tackles by Jalen Thompson. That's it for me, your Prop Queen, Ariel Epstein, here on this clearly Arizona Cardinals edition of Wild Card Monday. Good luck tonight.

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