Betting: Which team will win NBA title?

Minty Bets is joined by Mark Drumheller and Jared Quay to give their best bets for who will win the NBA title as we begin the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: With eight teams remaining, round two of the NBA playoffs is in full effect. Jared Quay and Mark Drumheller joined me and give us their picks to win the title.

Currently, the Celtics are the favorites to win it all at plus 140. Guys, competition is just getting tougher. So Jared, I'm going to go to you first because you are known for your bold picks. So I really want to know who you like to win the championship.

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JARED QUAY: Well, if we're going to lock our money up until the end of the finals, I need to get a lot of return back on that. So therefore, I'm taking the Miami Heat at plus 2,500. Like, that is absurd to me.

They just knocked out the number one seed, the best record in the NBA. They're already a game up on-- stole the game on the road against the Knicks. Jimmy Butler injury does scare me a little bit.

But this team is coached by Spo, one of the best coaches in the NBA. You add the fact that they got so many 3 and D players with Caleb Martin, you got Gabe Vincent-- this team is meant to hit 3-pointers, and Jimmy Butler to get foul shots.

And he's playing on a Jordan-like level. Jimmy Butler in the playoffs is just unreal. I feel like the GOAT conversation go up, you got to go LeBron, Jordan, and Jimmy Butler in the playoffs when he has this mindset.


And I think they have a pretty clear route. I mean, obviously, the Sixers versus the Celtics, they're going to beat each other up. They're going to get that team. If they beat the Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals, I think they win that.

And then it's, you know, anyone's game in the finals. So plus 2,500, give me the Heat. And let's get hot.

MINTY BETS: Ooh, OK. Mark, now throwing it to you. Now, when the regular season ended, you pick the Phoenix Suns to win it all. How are you feeling? Do you still like the Suns? Or are you looking towards someone else?

MARK DRUMHELLER: I'm not going to back off the Suns. And you could even get them at a better number now at 6 to 1. I like Phoenix. I understand they dropped Game 1.


But Devin Booker didn't even make a 3-pointer in that game. KD turned it over seven times. I don't think that continues.

Booker averaged 37 points against the Clippers and shot close to 50% from 3-point range. So I expect the Suns to heat up in that series. And you're getting them at a real good price here.

I also think Boston's really interesting in the East. You can almost use them as a hedge at plus 140. I think Jimmy Butler and the Knicks is going to be a long seven-game series. I think the Celtics can get the Sixers out of there.

And I think the Celtics are going to have a real rest advantage when we get to the finals as these Western Conference teams really beat each other up. So that's an interesting way to play it as well.


But I'm going to stick with the Suns here. It's 6 to 1. It's even a better number. As long as KD's healthy, I'm betting on Phoenix.

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