Betting odds released for Sabrina Ionescu vs. Stephen Curry 3-point shootout

Two of the greatest shooters in basketball history will be going toe-to-toe on Saturday night on a big stage, with Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry taking on New York Liberty star and Oregon legend Sabrina Ionescu in the first-ever NBA-WNBA crossover three-point competition.

The event will take place at NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis on Saturday night, broadcast on TNT.

It will feature a three-point contest just between Curry and Ionescu, both of whom will shoot from the NBA three-point line. As with all of the other All-Star game events, betting lines have been placed for who is going to win. Here are the latest lines from FanDuel Sportsbook:

Odds to Win

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Stephen Curry: -215

Sabrina Ionescu: +164

Odds to Make X Shots in a Row

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  • 4 Shots in a Row: -2000

  • 6 Shots in a Row: -230

  • 8 Shots in a Row: -170

  • 10 Shots in a Row: +420


  • 4 Shots in a Row: -2000

  • 6 Shots in a Row: -210

  • 8 Shots in a Row: +160

  • 10 Shots in a Row: +500

Odds to Make Both Shots from Starry Range

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Note: There will be two “Starry Range” balls in play, which are set at 29 feet from the hoop, approximately six feet deeper than the normal three-point line.

Stephen Curry: +280

Sabrina Ionescu: +500

Total Shots Made from Starry Range

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Total Made Shots Combined

  • 0: +750

  • 1: +198

  • 2: +158

  • 3: +360

  • 4: +1400

Total Combined Score

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Over 48.5: -114

Under 48.5: -114

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