Betting: NFL Week 5 Prop Bets

Pamela Maldonado goes in depth on a few prop bets she is playing for Week 5 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

PAM MALDONADO: Welcome to "The Prop Shop." Pam Maldonado bringing you my favorite props for week five of the NFL.

Prop number one, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones over 2.72 and a 1/2 passing yards, minus 110. The Dallas Cowboys have the second-worst secondary ahead of only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In four games played, Dallas has allowed all four quarterbacks to throw for 300 yards or more.

Prop number two, Texans quarterback Davis Mills under 196 and 1/2 passing and rushing yards, minus 115. The New England Patriots is a top five secondary, top 10 in quarterback pressure that kept seven-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady in check.

Mills is not a mobile quarterback, with just 1 rushing yard through 3 games. He's thrown a no more than 168 yards and last week threw just 87 against the Bills.

Prop number three, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes over 2 and 1/2 passing touchdowns, plus 100. The Bills have played the number one easiest schedule of opposing offenses that include the aforementioned Davis Mills. Now you get Mahomes, who leads with 14 passing touchdowns through four weeks, throwing 3-plus scores in all 4 of his games this year. With the Bills-Chiefs game set with the highest point total of the week at 56 and 1/2, we could see a solid offensive output.

Prop number four, Minnesota wide receiver Justin Jefferson over 26 and 1/2 longest reception, minus 115. The Lions have given up 7 passing plays of 36 yards or more. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins likes to throw the deep ball and likes to use Jefferson as his target point. Jefferson has hit this number in 3 games this year, including in last week's 14-7 loss to the Browns.

Prop number five, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan under 36 and 1/2 longest completion, minus 115. Ryan ranks 30th for deep ball attempts, throwing just 8, completing just 2 of those throws. Now he'll be without wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who accounts for 6 of those 8 attempts.

Those are the five props that I like for week five of the NFL. You can find these odds and more at the Yahoo Sportsbook.