Betting the NBA Finals: Buy the Boston Celtics now

The Boston Celtics are headed back to the NBA Finals for the second time in the last three seasons following their romp through an injury-ravaged Eastern Conference. To be fair, Jaylen Brown and co. have cruised through the first three rounds against teams missing key pieces but they have gotten just a handful of minutes themselves from Kristaps Porzingis. No matter where you rank him in the Celtics’ pecking order, he is a difference-maker when healthy.

For those looking to bet on a Porzingis return in the Finals and subsequently Boston’s NBA-record 18th Championship, the boys of Bet the EDGE are recommending you join them in attacking the current price for Boston to win it all as it will not be available for long.

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Jay Croucher (@croucherJD) has tried but can’t make sense of the current pricing.

“In talking to some people today about the Celtics, their Finals price right now is, you can get -215 on the Boston Celtics to win the NBA title. There's just no way that the series is going to open that price or that it's going to be that price before Game 1 of the Finals when you consider that the Wolves just three games ago were -185 to beat the Mavericks…It's just not going to be -215…Betting on the Celtics (to win the East and the NBA Title) has been part of my morning routine it feels like for the past six months.”

Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper) believes the price should be north of four dollars.

“My numbers have been high on the Celtics since Jump Street…the fair price starts with a four for the Celtics. It is -4 fill in the blank and it depends on how you feel about the availability of Porzingis, whether he's going to be a meaningful contributor early in the series or whether you think it is going to take him a while before he makes a difference.”

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When pushed to further explain his confidence in Boston, Croucher reminded all that the Celtics’ offense has often been prolific and maybe even historic when Porzingis has been in the lineup, but he believes their defense during the postseason has been first in class.

“They got to a level defensively in the last few minutes of Game s3 and 4 which was pretty impressive. They just decided to put the clamps on, and Indiana had no chance to score…What makes them special is their defense and the fact that it's so versatile, and their weakest perimeter defender in the playoffs is arguably Derrick White who is on the NBA’s All-Defense second team…completely insane.”

The NBA Finals will tip June 6th and the Boston Celtics will be rested and the healthiest they have been since Game 4 of their Opening Round playoff series.

Translation: Buy stock in Boston today as opposed to waiting for their opponent to be decided.