Betting: Meet Pamela Maldonado

Pamela is the latest betting analyst to join the Yahoo Sports family. She specializes in college football, NFL prop bets, tennis, and golf betting. Check out this video to learn more about Pam!

Video Transcript

PAMELA MALDONADO: Hey y'all, my name is Pamela Maldonado and I am the newest sports betting analyst for Yahoo Sports Book. To introduce myself, I want to give you a gist of who I am and what I like. And one of the things that I not like but love is pancakes.

Give me all the pancakes, all the flavors. This is something that I eat almost on a daily basis. And for that reason, you will see me make pancake bets. These are fun, long shot bets that should not work, but sometimes they do. One of those pancake bets that did hit was a plus 11,560 NFL prop parlay.

What else do I love? I love golfing, I love fishing and I love fitness. I had my best betting weekend ever on the same day as my first bikini competition.

I went 8-1 on the day, I went 12-1 on the week, and I hit four out of four underdog money line plays. Another competition is on the way. So be sure to check that out in the next few months. But finally, the last thing that I want you to know is that I love sports.

Maybe I'm a little bit obsessed with Novak Djokovic, only the greatest player of all time. And I cannot deny nor confirm that I have broken a couch from an 11 point underdog getting the outright win in a football game. I bleed burnt orange, Hook em horns, and I am a fan as much as I am a better. So I do have my favorite teams.

I love the Jaguars, I love da Bears and really, just any team that gives me the feeling of being alive. Because that is what sports is to me. It is dedication, it is passion and it is glory. You can follow me on Twitter @PamelaM35, because football season is right around the corner and I am more excited than ever. So now let's have ourselves a season.