Betting: Jaguars win vs. Colts gives books the edge in Week 18

Minty Bets is joined by the Director of Trading for BetMGM, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers for the public and the sportsbooks for NFL Week 18.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for "Winners and Losers" week 18, the final week of the regular season of the NFL. I'm Minty Bets joined by Director of Trading for BetMGM Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, who were the winners of the public this week?

JEFF STONEBACK: Well, the public went out the finale of the season with a winner. They were a small winner for the day. So the winners for them was the Buccaneers over the Panthers, Saints over the Falcons, Washington over the Giants, and the Steelers over the Ravens. Those were the ones that propelled the public to a win today.

MINTY BETS: And who were the winners of the house?

JEFF STONEBACK: The house obviously did very well with Jaguars beating the Colts. Who we would have thought that would have happened? And obviously the betting public did not. We did not too behind the counter.

Texans covering against the Titans. Or the Lions beating the Packers and then the Dolphins over the Patriots. Those were the house winners. So also it was a tough beat. A lot of people had 80 to 1 that there would be a tie in the Raiders game tonight. So that was a tough loss for a lot of people on that game also.

MINTY BETS: That was a really, really close one and very on-brand of the Raiders here. Well, hopefully you guys were on the winning side, and we are off to playoffs. So there's always next week. Bet $1.00 on any game, and win $100 free. Sign up now at