Betting: Will Hawks cover -3.5 vs. Nuggets?

Jared Quay gives his picks for the Nuggets-Hawks and Grizzlies-Kings games for Friday December 17th.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: It's Friday, so hopefully you're getting paid. And if you are betting, hopefully it's on the NBA. There's two games on the slate I love tonight. I love the Atlanta Hawks, -3.5 versus the Nuggets.

Yes, the Nuggets have Nikola Jokic, who's playing at MVP level, but they're really injured on a second unit. They have a couple of guys stepping up, but I just don't think they have the depth to keep up with this Atlanta Hawks team the whole game. Yes, they may win the first half, but the Hawks will definitely win by 3.5.

Up next, we got the last game in this slate. I love the over of the Sacramento Kings versus the Memphis Grizzlies. Both of these teams are running at an extremely fast pace. Both of these teams are tied for fourth most points per game at 111.

You give me that at a late night game with a bunch of guys who just love shooting up 3s, I'll take the over any time. Plus, the Kings have been to overtime several times this year, which adds an incentive bonus to get the over in what should be a tight game.

So, to recap, I love the Atlanta Hawks, minus 3.5 at home against the Nuggets, and the over between the Grizzlies and Kings in Sacramento. And if you're getting on the action tonight, bet $1 on any NBA team and get $100 free. Go to