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Betting: Will Cardinals cover -1 vs. Colts?

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    Jonathan Taylor

Minty Bets, Jared Quay and Pamela Maldonado break down their betting picks for the Christmas day matchup between the Colts and Cardinals.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Happy holidays, everyone. Let's end Christmas Day with the Arizona Cardinals hosting the Indianapolis Colts. The Cardinals are one-point favorites and the total is 49 I'm Minty Bets joined by Pam Maldonado and Jared Quay, and we're here to give you our best bets for this game.

I'll actually go first here, and I'm betting on the public dog. I'm going with the Indianapolis Colts plus 1 and I think they can win straight up as well. Now, Jonathan Taylor and the rest of that offense is on fire, while Arizona's running defense has struggled and they do have injuries that have been affecting them the past couple of weeks. So I feel like this is gonna be a sweat. I think this is going be a really close game. But ultimately, I think the Colts are the better team here. Pam, what's your pick for this game?

PAMELA MALDONADO: My pick is taking the Colts in the first half on the money line against the Cardinals. Looking at the Colts for the season, they have had the first half lead in 11 straight games and have outscored their opponents by 90 points in the first half this season. That is the largest differential in the league. They have also had the lead on 55% of its offensive snaps, also the highest rate in the league.

Looking at the Cardinals, what happened to this Arizona offense? They have scored 23 points to the Rams and 12 points to the Lions. What happened is they don't have DeAndre Hopkins, and clearly that offense is having some issues without him. They quite don't know how to run this offense without Hopkins in the lineup.

In the last two weeks, the Cardinals have trailed 86% of its offensive snaps after trailing for 26% prior. Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, he's absolutely going to rip his team apart. He could have a huge game because the Cardinals run defense. They are allowing the highest rate in the league of carries to gain 10 yards or more.

Jonathan Taylor? He leads the leagues in carries of 10 yards or more. I'll take the Colts in the first half. I don't know if I trust them in the full game, but I love them to win in the first half.

MINTY BETS: Ooh, yes, OK. You have to trust them in the full game, because I would like to win this one. Jared, what do you have for us? Tell-- tell me it's Colts.

JARED QUAY: I'm-- we're jinxing them right now, I already know that you should-- I know the Cardinals are going to win now, because I'm picking the Colts moneyline as well. These two teams are opposite. This Colts team is on fire. Honestly, I think they're one of the best playing football teams right now that could lead to the playoffs and possibly do a damage there.

The Cardinals is the opposite. They've been getting beat by injury, and you add that to the fact that they're just not playing good football right now. Lots of drops, Kyler Murray missing passes. With that being the case? Jonathan Taylor is gonna run through these guys. He's gonna get his when the Cardinals keep up. I'm gonna actually be at this game, and so I will try my hardest not to root too loud for the Colts, but I will definitely have some money on them.

MINTY BETS: To recap our picks, Jared and I have the Colts to cover and Pam has the Colts in the first half. You guys wanna bet on this game? Make sure to take advantage of our risk-free bet by heading over to BetMGM.com/Yahoo.