Betting: Buy or sell Dolphins or Eagles?

Minty Bets, Ariel Epstein, and Pam Maldonado buy or sell the Dolphins and Eagles as Super Bowl contenders in the AFC & NFC, being the 2 remaining undefeated teams.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: There are two remaining undefeated teams left in the NFL. For the AFC, we've got the Miami Dolphins, and in the NFC, we've got the Philadelphia Eagles. This is buy or sell NFL edition. I'm Minty Bets, and joining me are Pam Maldonado and Ariel Epstein.

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Ladies, let's start with the AFC. The Bills are currently favored to win the AFC, but the Miami Dolphins are undefeated. Pam, do you buy or sell this team to win the AFC? And if you're selling, who are you looking at?

PAM MALDONADO: I am selling on the Dolphins and buying on the Ravens at 7 and 1/2 to 1. Lamar Jackson has 12 touchdowns scored this season and 10 passing, and 2 rushing. Through 3 weeks of the season, do you know how many teams have scored more than 12 offensive touchdowns? The answer is zero.

Lamar Jackson is single-handedly making his way to the playoffs and getting it done himself. That is absolutely somebody that I want to back in the futures market.

MINTY BETS: All right, Ariel. Are you with Pam? Are you selling Dolphins and buying the Ravens here?


ARIEL EPSTEIN: I'm with Pam. I'm going to buy the Ravens and sell on the Dolphins. Dolphins still have a really tough division with the Buffalo Bills in it. As for the Ravens, the division looks weaker with no Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. No real quarterback situation in Cleveland.

The Ravens are also going to get healthier. Their secondary is going to improve because their cornerback Marcus Peters has only played a couple of games this season after tearing his ACL. He'll get back in game shape.

The Ravens get back one of their offensive linemen, Ronnie Stanley, midway through the season. A second running back is going to come in the mix in the next couple of weeks in Gus Edwards. The Ravens at plus 750 is more of the bet for me, Minty, than the Miami Dolphins.

MINTY BETS: I'm also selling the Miami Dolphins, but I'm buying the Kansas City Chiefs here at plus 375. Now, I'm pretty high on the Bills already, but they do have some injuries that do concern me. The Kansas City Chiefs are top 10 in total yards allowed and top 10 in total offense.


Now, this is a team controlled by a young GOAT in Patrick Mahomes, and Andy Reid is still their coach. They've got the postseason experience here, so I like the Chiefs, as I think they're kind of underrated this season. Now, let's move on to the NFC, as the Philadelphia Eagles are actually favored to win this conference. Ariel, let's start with you. Are you buying the Eagles here, or are you selling them?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I'm selling the Eagles to win the NFC. Maybe, they could win the NFC East, yet there's no value in the Eagles at -400 to win their division. I've got to look elsewhere.

In this spot, I'm looking at the San Francisco 49ers. They say defenses win championships. The 49ers have the second-best defense in the NFL right now. Third best defense last year.

This offense with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, they're going to get used to having their quarterback back. They already went to the championship and Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback. Even though their running back situation, they lose Elijah Mitchell. I'm OK with that.


Deebo Samuel is so good at what he does. They could get George Kittle back healthy at tight end. I'm going to sit at plus 850 on those San Francisco 49ers because the defense is also going to help this offense get better later on by keeping them in games.

MINTY BETS: All right. I like that pick. Pam, what do you think? Who do you have in the NFC if it's not the Eagles?

PAM MALDONADO: I'm selling the Eagles and buying the Bucs because who has more experienced in the postseason than Tom Brady himself. This Tampa Bay defense leads in takeaways and in opponent points per play and is top 10 or top 5 in almost every defensive statistical category. This offense is going to get healthy.

Brady will get his weapons back in Mike Evans and Julio Jones. If this defense is going to stay stout, the offense is eventually going to click. And you can get Super Bowl odds at 10 to 1 or better for somebody in Brady who has how many Super Bowls? Give me the Bucs.


MINTY BETS: All right, Pam. Not betting against Tom Brady-- smart move. But I'm going with the Packers at 4 to 1.

Now, this offense isn't as explosive as it used to be, but this defense is top 6 in total yards allowed and points allowed. I think this offense can get going once the season progresses. It's Aaron Rodgers time. He's got to win one more ring, right? So give me the Packers at plus 400.

To wrap up our conference picks in the AFC, Pam's on the Ravens, Ariel's on the Ravens, and I'm on the Chiefs. And in the NFC, Pam has the Bucs, Ariel likes the 49ers, and I am on the Packers. Bet $10 and win $100 when you wager on any event. Sign up at New customers only must be 21 or older.