Betting: Can Burrow Best the Bills?

Pamela Maldonado breaks down her top stats that matter for the Divisional Round Weekend.

Video Transcript

PAM MALDONADO: Hey, Yahoo Sportsbook. Welcome to the divisional round in the NFL playoffs. I'm Pam Maldonado with stats that matter. The stat-- Cincinnati Bengals offense is scoring a touchdown at the fourth-highest rate in the league. The Cincinnati Bengals defense is allowing a touchdown at the third-lowest rate in the league. Take the Bengals plus 5.5 against the Buffalo Bills.

Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow, AKA Joe Cool, has thrown 19 touchdown passes during that span with only 16 sacks to his name compared to the 29 that Joe Burrow had in his first eight games. Despite still having offensive line troubles-- let's be honest, it's pretty bad-- Joe Cool is getting rid of the ball quickly, protecting the ball well, and rushing more inside the red zone, all of that against five opponents ranked inside the top half for passing defense DVOA.

Let's take a look at the quarterbacks that the Buffalo Bills have faced-- Skylar Thompson, Mac Jones twice, an injured Justin Fields, a concussed Tua Tagovailoa, Mike White, and your next-door neighbor. Joe Burrow is a next-level quarterback. Joe Burrow is a top-tier quarterback. Not to mention that the Bills quarterback in Josh Allen leads in interceptable passes among the remaining teams.

I trust Joe Burrow. I trust the Cincinnati Bengals offense. Give me the Bengals plus 5.5, and as a bonus, Bengals plus 200 on the money line.


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