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Betting: Will Browns upset Jackson and Ravens on SNF?

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Minty Bets, Jared Quay, and Pamela Maldonado break down their betting picks for the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

Video Transcript

MINDY BETS: And it's time for Sunday Night Football as we have an AFC North match-up between the Browns and Ravens. The Ravens are a 3.5-point home favorite. And the total is 45.5.

I'm Mints Bets here with Jared Quay and Pam Maldonado. And we're here to give you our best bets. And even though I already know what is best bet is, Jared, I'm going to go to you first. What do you have for us?

JARED QUAY: Well, you know it and you might as well just say it. You know what I'm picking. All right, I'll say it myself, guys. I like the Ravens minus 3.5 here. Obviously, before I say anything else, just know I'm biased. I love the Ravens. They're my favorite team.

Now, after that being said, I do think that they'll dominate this game. Outside of a fourth quarter against the Bengals, the Ravens run defense has been solid. And everybody knows how you beat the Browns if you stop Nick Chubb and you make Baker Mayfield throw, you have a better chance.

But this is an NFC North game, which is the biggest rivalry in NFL football. And so 3-point games are there. So if I'm advising you, I would say buy the half point just to get minus 3 for safety.

But I think the Ravens with Lamar Jackson being healthy at home should be able to man down this Browns team. And I do like a minus 3, and I would say minus 3.5, but for safety, buy the half point.

MINDY BETS: Thanks for always looking out for us, Jared. But I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your pick. I mean, the Browns have been really inconsistent lately, yeah. And Baker has some lingering injuries.

Both the Ravens and the Browns are top run stop defenses. But edge goes to Cleveland, as they can defend through the air a little bit better. Everything is telling me the Ravens will win this. But I have to take 3.5 points with the Browns in the divisional game. Pam, what do you have for us?

PAM MALDONADO: I like both of your sides. So I'm kind of going with a middle here. I'm going to do the Browns first half, plus 3 against the Ravens. 61 of the points generated from this Browns offense comes in the first half this season. That's the highest rate in the league.

And that's talking about total points. The Browns are eighth in first half points, averaging 14 points per game. While the Baltimore Ravens are 17th, averaging 11. Now, in the second half, this completely drops off. Cleveland is 28th, averaging just nine.

I like the Browns. But I think they can contend more so in the first half. And now you have running back Kareem Hunt, who's designated to return back from IR. He could definitely help this offense. But we'll see if he ends up playing after all, but they still do have Nick Chubb, at least 100 rushing yards in four of his last five games.

I'll look to the Browns to contend in the first half. And potentially, Jared, the Ravens can pull it off in the end, in the second half.

JARED QUAY: They do it every week. So I'm with you 100%. They like to come back.

MINDY BETS: To recap our Sunday night picks-- Jared has the Ravens to cover. I have the Browns to cover. And Pam has the Browns to cover in the first half.

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