Betting: Which Big Ten Teams Are Overrated or Underrated?

Pamela Maldonado breaks down the six remaining undefeated Big Ten teams and tells you if she thinks they are currently overrated and underrated.

Video Transcript

PAMELA MALDONADO: There are six 3 and 0 teams out of the Big Ten college football conference. Out of the East you have Maryland, Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and Rutgers. Out of the West, you have Iowa. Courtesy of Chris Fallica, the last time that this situation occurred without having Ohio State in the mix was dating back to 1999, pre Y2K. That's something. Six teams, four of which are in the top 25 at the College Football rankings. Pamela Maldonado here to give you the overrated, underrated teams out of the Big Ten college football conference.

- Maryland

PAMELA MALDONADO: Not in the top 25, so properly rated in the rankings. Definitely overrated in the Big Ten. So you beat West Virginia, who is 0 and 5 in the last two seasons on the road, an FCS team, and Illinois, who hasn't had a winning season since 2011. On deck, Maryland faces Penn State and Michigan. Even Kent State is going to be a problem. The Terrapins, you're in for a rude awakening.

- Michigan State.

PAMELA MALDONADO: Michigan State is number 20 in the rankings, so I'll go with slightly overrated for now. The Spartans are getting a lot of love for beating Miami, but the Hurricanes, they have a terrible offensive line and a regressing quarterback. Next up on deck, you have Ohio State and Penn State to close out the season. For the Spartans, the level of competition is just not there yet for me to rate them any higher.

- Penn State.

PAMELA MALDONADO: Overrated at number six in the college football rankings. Penn State is barely squeaking by with these wins, beating Wisconsin and Auburn by 8 points or less. The truth teller, it's going to be Iowa, and I expect a Hawkeyes win. Overrated, Penn State.

- Michigan.

PAMELA MALDONADO: Wait, wait, wait. Michigan is in the top 25 college football rankings after facing two mac teams in three straight home games? Get out of here! Overrated, Michigan. Star of the team is running back Blake Coram, accounting for nearly half of the total team scores. Next they face at Wisconsin, at Michigan State, and at Penn State. I'm sorry, Harbaugh, but this Michigan team still won't beat Ohio State.

- Rutgers.

PAMELA MALDONADO: The Scarlet Knights beat two teams who each won a single game last season. Next.

- Iowa.

PAMELA MALDONADO: Definitely underrated. I see at least a 10-win team, maybe undefeated. If you don't have an offense, then you sure by golly, you better have one hell of a defense, and that's exactly what this Iowa team has. 10 sacks, 14 passes deflected, six interceptions, two forced fumbles, eighth in takeaways. And they get to face Penn State at home. This defense is going to be what wins games, and the Hawkeyes are still plus 600 to win the Big Ten title. Those are the six 3 and 0 teams out of the Big Ten Conference. Tweet me at pamlam35 and let me know who you think are the overrated, underrated teams out of the Big Ten.