Betting on the big games: Sixers and Flyers vs. Super Bowl 55

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Michael Gatti
·2 min read
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Betting on the big games: Sixers and Flyers vs. Super Bowl 55 originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

It’s been three long years since the Eagles won Super Bowl 52.

But that doesn’t mean Philadelphia can’t be involved in Sunday’s Super Bowl 55, at least from a betting perspective.

NBC Sports betting partner PointsBet has listed some intriguing cross-sport bets involving the Chiefs-Buccaneers game along with the Sixers' game Saturday night versus the Nets and the Flyers' game against the Capitals on Sunday afternoon.

Cross-sport bets involving the Sixers and Chiefs-Bucs

76ers total points to be higher than Tyreek Hill’s receiving yards: -300

Just to give it some context, the Sixers are averaging 113.3 points per game.

Meanwhile, Hill averaged 85.1 receiving yards per game during the regular season while averaging 141 receiving yards per game in two playoff games.

76ers-Nets first-quarter points to be greater than the total points of Bucs-Chiefs: -250

Joel Embiid point total to be higher than the Bucs' total points: -170

Embiid is averaging 29.1 points per game this season while the Bucs averaged 30.8 points per game in the regular season and 30.7 in three playoff games.

Cross-sports bets involving the Flyers and Chiefs-Bucs

Which will be higher?

Chiefs-Bucs total touchdowns -150

Flyers-Capitals total goals +120

The Chiefs-Bucs are averaging about 7.2 touchdowns per game; the Flyers and Capitals combine for about 6.8 goals per game.

Which will be higher?

Tom Brady TD passes -250

Alex Ovechkin total points +150

Brady is averaging about 2.5 td passes per game; Ovechkin is averaging a little more than one point per game in 57 games played vs. the Flyers.

PointsBet is NBC Sports' official sports betting partner, and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links.

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