Betting: Will Bengals win less than 10 games in 2022?

Ariel Epstein and Minty Bets predict which teams will go under their season win total in the 2022 NFL season.

Video Transcript

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Welcome to Yahoo Sportsbook. Alongside Mindy Bets, I'm Ariel Epstein. With the NFL's season coming up, Minty and I are going to talk about the teams we are selling going into the 2022 season. That means we've got to go look at some unders in the win totals on BET MGM. Minty, which team do you like under the most for?

MINTY BETS: OK, the under I'm pretty high on is going to be the Seattle Seahawks under 5 and 1/2 wins, and it's at plus money. So Drew Lock is supposed to be their starter this season, and he hasn't had the best of starts in his NFL career. On top of that, Seattle has a pretty tough schedule ahead of them. And I don't mean just in terms of opponent, I mean in terms of travel.

They actually have the highest travel mileage in the league going over 29,000 miles and crossing time zones 34 times. But also, in a really tough division, the NFC West, with one of their opponents being the reigning Super Bowl champs. I have them at exactly five wins, so I'm going to go under this total of 5 and 1/2.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Minty, I'm going over to the AFC North. I'm going with the under, 9 and 1/2 wins on the Cincinnati Bengals. This is at plus 100 on BET MGM. Nine of the last 10 seasons, the Super Bowl runner-up has gone below their win total from the season before. Cincinnati had 10 wins last year, even just a one-win difference is a 9-win season for them, which goes under this total of 9 and 1/2.

It's a really tough end of the year for Cincinnati. They've got to play Pittsburgh on the road, the Kansas City Chiefs, on the road at Tampa Bay, on the road at New England, then finishing the year against the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens. Last year, the AFC North had a down year too, with the Ravens, then Big Ben on his way out in Pittsburgh, a mess in Cleveland. The division is going to be better this season. I'm going under on the win total for the Cincinnati Bengals at 9 and 1/2 wins.

Here's a recap of Minty and I's unders for the win totals in the NFL this year. Minty's going with the under 5 and 1/2 wins on the Seattle Seahawks, I'm going with the under 9 and 1/2 wins on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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