Betting: 49ers win vs. Packers gives books the edge in Divisional Round

Minty Bets is joined by Director of Trading for BetMGM, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers for the public and the sportsbook for the NFL Divisional playoff round.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for "Winners & Losers-- Divisional Round Edition." I'm Minty Bets here with Director of Trading for BetMGM Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, last week, the public had a great week as five of six favorites covered. But this week was a little different. So who were the winners of the public this week?

JEFF STONEBACK: Well, just the opposite of last week. With only one favorite covering, the public only had one winner. And that was a small winner at best, and that was when the Chiefs pulled out that unbelievable game in there against the Bills. And what an unbelievable weekend all the way around, you know?

So as a fan watching the games, they loved it. But as the bettors, they didn't enjoy it too much, with three dogs covering. The Packers losing was a large loser for the public.

Then in the late game 2-- or the early game, when Tennessee went down, that was a big loser for the public. And then, of course, today, Tampa Bay and Brady went down. The public went down on that one too. So they got a little bit of a back on the late game, but not much. The-- you know, they gave all their money back from last weekend.

MINTY BETS: Well, I guess the books did really well this week. And hopefully you guys were on the right side. But if not, there's always next week. Thank you so much, Jeff.


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