Betting: 2022 NFL Draft - Defensive Backs

Ariel Epstein is joined by Pamela Maldonado to discuss their best bets for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Welcome to the Yahoo Sportsbook, alongside Pamela Maldonado, I'm Ariel Epstein. We are continuing the NFL draft coverage here at Yahoo with the defensive backs position. I'm going to start. I'm going with the under 9 and 1/2 on the draft position of LSU cornerback, Derek Stingley Jr. This number has already dropped from 10 and 1/2 down to 9 and 1/2. According to scouts, Stingley Jr Is bigger than people think. Back in 2019, that was his true freshman season, he had the fifth most interceptions in the FBS with six interceptions.

I also love the fact that there's bad defenses inside this top 10 like the Atlanta or Seattle or the New York Jets types of defenses that struggled in the secondary in this past season. Give me the under, 9 and 1/2 on the draft position of the LSU cornerback, Derek Stingley Jr.

Now, Pam, I know that we are on opposite sides of this. Why are you betting the over here?

PAMELA MALDONADO: Ariel, you're going with the under on Stingley, I'm going with the over on 9 and 1/2 because his options are-- could potentially be going to the Vikings. It could go to the Ravens, but I'm going to back the cornerback for LSU to go over 9 and 1/2 because he's just not a top 10 pick in my opinion. He had an absolute dominant freshman year, yes, 38 tackles, six interceptions, but not so much after. It's been pretty much downhill since. His general performance could play a role, but also, he's been plagued by injuries, which plays a mix as to why he has struggled as of late in his last couple of seasons.

So you want to tell me that a player who had his best performance two seasons ago is worth the top 10 pick? I'm not buying it. And neither are the mock drafters that I trust and agree with, maybe top 20, top 10 is a stretch. I'm going to go with the over 9 and 1/2.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Pam and I are on opposite sides. It's OK, we're not going to fight about it. There's no need. It's the NFL draft. So let's move on to another draft position prop. I'm betting the over 11 and 1/2 on the draft position of Notre Dame safety, Kyle Hamilton. I look inside that top 10, no one except the Houston Texans really catches my eye for somebody that needs a safety. I see them picking an edge rusher anyway.

The New York Giants they need an offensive lineman, one's likely falling to them. They're not going to go and take a safety either. As for the Carolina Panthers, their head coach Matt Rhule's in his third season. Is he really staking his reputation on a safety? Safeties in the past don't tend to make an impact so early into their careers. I'm going with the over 10 and 1/2 on the draft position for Kyle Hamilton. Pam, what's your last pick here?

PAMELA MALDONADO: And I'm rolling with Michigan's Daxton Hill, under 28 and 1/2 in the draft. There's too many teams that could pick him up. You have the Patriots. You have the Bills, the Chiefs, the Packers. There's multiple teams with this need. What I love about Hill is that he has the ability to change directions quickly, and he shows a strong out of the gate burst. That's something that you really don't see out of this position. His acceleration gives him the ability to break on plays. I mean, for his position, there just aren't as many players out there that have his agility.

He can play deep safety, nickel corner, full time corner, Hill, he initially was thought to go early in the second round, but his stock has been going up and now he's projected to go into the first. His odds definitely imply otherwise. His versatility, his aggression makes him a first round pick. I'm rolling with Hill under 28 and 1/2.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Let's take a look at a recap of Pam and I's picks for the defensive backs position of the NFL draft. Pam's going Derek Stingley Jr Over 9 and 1/2, Michigan safety, Daxton Hill, under 28 and 1/2. I'm going under Derek Stingley Jr 9 and 1/2, Kyle Hamilton over 11 and 1/2 on the draft position.

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