Betting: 2022 NFC East Best Bets

Frank Schwab gives his best bets for the four teams in the NFC East for the 2022 NFL Season.

Video Transcript


FRANK SCHWAB: I'm Frank Schwab, and I'm here to give you my best bets for the NFC East this season. Let's get started with the reigning division champs, the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to go for a player award here on the defensive side of the ball, and it's going to be Micah Parsons. He's 11 to 1 to win Defensive Player of the Year, and I really like those odds.

It's hard to win that award as a rookie, but he came really close, got edged out by TJ Watt. But now that he's an established star, I think Parsons is on the radar to start the season. The odds are good for him to win it, plays for a marquee team in Dallas. I think Micah Parsons could add on to his 13-sack season, and have maybe 15, 16 sacks, and be right in the mix for Defensive Player of the Year. And you're going to like holding that ticket on him at those odds.

Next up is a Philadelphia Eagles. And I really like what the Eagles have done this offseason. I'm going to take them at 2 to 1 odds to win to the division. They picked up AJ Brown in what was the steal of draft in my mind, a great trade for them. They didn't have to give up too much to get one of the best young receivers in the game. And that's going to transform their passing game.

The Eagles had the best running attack in the NFL last year, made the playoffs. They've added to the defense, grabbing James Bradberry late in the free agency process. I really like everything the Eagles have done. And again, don't forget they did make the playoffs last year. The Cowboys have taken a little bit of step back in that division. I think the Eagles have closed the gap enough that plus-200 odds on them to win a division really speaks out to me.

Next up, we're going with the Washington Commanders. And look, I'm going to be honest. I'm going to sell this one a little bit. I'm taking them to make the playoffs at about 2 to 1 odds. Now, why Washington to make the playoffs? They fail last year. Nobody liked their trade for Carson Wentz.

But here I'm going to tell you why, Carson Wentz is an upgrade over what they had last year. Yeah, they overpaid to get him, but he's still going to be a better quarterback than Taylor Heinicke, who didn't get them to the playoffs last year. But two years ago, Washington was in the playoffs, and now they have the easiest schedule in the NFL by some metrics.

They had the toughest schedule in the NFL last year, a huge difference you don't see very often. And the NFC really doesn't have a lot of Wild Card contenders. So somebody's going to make the playoffs is that seven seed, and you're going to like having Washington at about plus-2 to 1 to make the playoffs this season.

And last up, we have the team I think is going to finish in last place in this division, and ask the New York Giants. I'm sorry, Giants fans, but I'm taking under 7 and 1/2 wins for this team, not a very good team last year. We all know Daniel Jones really hasn't gotten going in the NFL.

Brian Daboll might be an excellent coach coming over from the Buffalo Bills after running their offense, but it might take him some time. And we really don't know. He's a rookie head coach. And this team just has a lot of holes.

Saquon Barkley might not be the same guy. They had to get rid of James Bradberry for salary cap reasons. There's still a lot of mess to clean up with the Giants. Yes, they do have an easy schedule, but I can't get them to eight wins. I think this is going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL still, and I'll happily take under 7 and 1/2 for their season win total.

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