Betting: Which 0-1 Team Will Cover in Week 2?

Minty Bets, Pamela Maldonado, and Ariel Epstein break down which 0-1 NFL teams they believe will cover the spread in Week 2.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to Mad Bets, everyone. I am Minty Bets. And joining me for this video are Pam Maldonado and Ariel Epstein. Week one of the NFL was crazy. And we saw a lot of teams go, 0 and 1 entering week two. So I want to know from you guys, which 0 and 1 team you like to bounce back here in week two. Ariel, let's start with you first.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: The New England Patriots at minus 1 on the road at the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm giving the defense the edge here. The Patriots have the better defense. The Steelers, going back to the beginning of last year, bottom 10 in passing yards allowed, bottom 10 in rushing yards allowed. Even last week, bottom 10 in both those categories against the Cincinnati Bengals. Too much hype off that win. The Patriots offense is meant to pass the football. And that's the Achilles heel of the Steelers defense.

The Steelers also lose their best defensive player TJ Watt to a pec injury with the Steelers defense getting even worse. I give the edge to the New England Patriots, who by the way, that probably will be in prop queen coming up on Sunday. Give me the Patriots minus 1.

MINTY BETS: Ooh, a little teaser there. I like it. All right. Pam, what about you?

PAMELA MALDONADO: Are any of us surprised that the New York Jets are starting the season out 0 and 1? The answer is definitely not. But you may be surprised that I do like the Jets plus 6 on the road at the Cleveland Browns. Now I backed Cleveland last week because they have a great rushing offense in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt going up against a really bad rushing defense from Carolina. This week, however, this running back unit from the Browns though, yes, elite should still have a little bit of difficulty.

Because the Jets last week held the Ravens rushing offense to 3 yards per rush on 21 total attempts. If you take away that run game, then is there really a large disparity between Jacoby Brissett and Joe Flacco? I really don't see one. So the Jets' loss was definitely a lot closer than the 24-9 score indicates. They had an interception that led to 3 points for the Ravens. The Jets then missed a field goal, fumbled at the Baltimore 20 yard line, and had a turnover on downs. They were competitive. I like the Jets plus 6 on the road at the Browns.

MINTY BETS: All right. My pick might be a little square here. But I'm going with the Detroit Lions. Now there's a lot of love for the Lions this season. I think it's the hard knocks effect. But it does make me a little nervous that they are favorites for the first time since 2020. They did start off a little slow last week against the Eagles. But they pick things up, covered, and almost won that game. I really liked how Jamaal Williams and DeAndre Swift controlled that ground game. And Jared Goff didn't look too bad.

I think Detroit has the edge here because Washington is still missing Chase Young. So let's go, Lions. To recap our picks, Pam is on the Jets, Ariel is on the Patriots, and I am on the Lions. Bet $10 and win $100 when you wager on any event. Sign up at New customers only. Must be 21 or older.