Better Drew League alley-oop: James Harden from Game or DeMar DeRozan from himself? (Videos)

I know, I know, I'm probably asking you too many questions. But sometimes difficult decisions must be made, and in 2013, the way to find answers is to crowdsource, because we are all, in our own small ways, either pollsters trying to identify the direction of popular opinion or politicians determined to follow it for our re-election.

ANYWAY! While the rookies, undrafted free agents, D-League stalwarts, international pros and training-camp-invite hopefuls ply their trades (and occasionally cram on bummed-out opponents) at Las Vegas Summer League, more established players tend to spend time at slightly ritzier, more highlight-oriented pro-am runs. For dudes with West Coast connections, that often means the Drew League, a Los Angeles staple that's grown from a six-squad league to a 28-team Nike-sponsored machine over the course of 40 years and now features frequent drop-ins from a who's who of NBA players, college and high school stars, and playground legends.

This past weekend, the list included a pair of young NBA stars who each threw down a pair of monster dunks, including alley-oop finishes that were noteworthy for different reasons. First up, Houston Rockets All-Star James Harden, who hooked up with rapper Game (who used to run point at Compton High) for a fast-break flush:

Next up, Toronto Raptors wing DeMar DeRozan, who eschewed help from any former G-Unit associates:

Such a difficult choice, right? On one hand, you've got a no-look over-the-head feed from the man who sampled "Eleanor Rigby" on a song featuring Blink-182's drummer, and on the other you've got a lanky swingman with hops taking a page out of the Tracy McGrady playbook. Truly, the wisdom of Solomon is required here. (I'll go with Game-to-Harden, because I have fond memories of listening to "The Documentary" in the stockroom of the bookstore I worked at when it came out.)

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Luckily, fans of the Drew League's Money Gang didn't have to choose — both Harden and DeRozan suited up for them this weekend, with Harden dropping 35 points, seven rebounds and five assists in a 103-100 win over the Kings of L.A. Must be nice to bring in midsummer acquisitions like that after July 1 hits, huh?

Videos via HoopMixtape.