Better big-man dime: Varejao behind the back to Thompson or Blatche’s bullet to Plumlee? (Videos)

Big men who can pass are a constant source of joy; they can make poor offenses functional, decent offenses competitive and good offenses great. This is, in part, why so many fans continue to revere the likes of Bill Walton, Chris Webber, Arvydas Sabonis and, of course, Brad Miller — plus countless others, I know; this brief survey is very obviously not all-inclusive — long after their playing days have ended. We don't need to wait, though — we can, and should, appreciate instances of dope big-man passing when they happen.

Like, for example, when Anderson Varejao refuses to even break stride when serving up teammate Tristan Thompson for a throwdown in the Cleveland Cavaliers' preseason win over the Detroit Pistons:

I guess Tristan's still down for taking some shots lefty.

Or when Andray Blatche waxes Magical to break down an out-of-his-depth Jarvis Varnado and feed rookie Mason Plumlee in the Brooklyn Nets' exhibition blowout of the Miami Heat:

Like I say: a constant source of joy.

Which one impressed you more — Andy's smooth one-touch reversal to Thompson or Blatche's dribble-drive dish? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or at our Facebook page.

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